Family and other support

I am very lucky to have a loving family around me. I also have a CPN who I see every two weeks. I know that NHS support varies a lot depending on which part of the country you live in.

My Family:

My hubby David. We have been together for 15 years and married for 8yrs. He copes quite well with my diagnosis but he doesn’t really understand and I think most of the time he just tolerates my moods.

My son Ben. He’s only 8yrs so he doesn’t understand and I am quite good with covering my real emotions as I imagine that most of us do.

My Dad and Step mum.  I tend not to express any real mood swing with my Dad and Step Mum. I will tell them if I’m having a bad day but that’s as far as it goes.

Mum and Step Dad. My Mum knows everything. I see her most days and she comes to every meeting regarding my mental health. My Step Dad is the most grumpiest person you will ever meet I promise you. I see him an awful lot and I can guarantee he will have something to moan about BUT I still love him to bits.

Medical Support

Shrink. My Doctor is supportive, understanding and very calming. I trust her diagnosis fully. I think its great if you get on well with your Doctor.

CPN. I see my CPN every one, two or three weeks depending on my moods. Recently its been every three weeks. I’ve had the same CPN for three and a half years so she knows me pretty well by now. Every appointment with her I use as therapy. I have an hour appointment sometimes longer. I pour my heart out to her every appointment. I laugh, cry, get irritable, happy and angry and that’s where it stays in that little room. Nothing that is said in the appointment needs to be said again. I leave the room feeling lifted somehow and the brave face is put back on.


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