Change of plan

Today  I was going to talk about the sewing course I’ve been doing with my mum.  I was going to show you the things I’ve been making BUT the weather is too nice and we’ve had a lovely day.

Firstly we went strawberry picking at the local farm.  This is a family tradition every summer but last year was a washout.

This year I’m going to attempt to make Strawberry jam and its perfect time for Wimbledon. …..come on Murray! . The rest of the strawberries can be frozen……none will go to waste.


Then we went to a garden centre about twenty minutes away.  Theres aN antique fair and a craft fair with a really good book shop, quaint little tea shop and a golf course.  I love walking around here everything is so quirky.  Anyway I came across a book which will be helpful.


And something to help us save for the holiday


Hubby took son swimming after this at the local baths while  I walked the dog….did I mention we live a month minutes walk from the national forest.  Its such a lovely walk.

We had a bbq for tea and invited my dad and sandra and I had made an apple crumble for dessert. 


Tomorrow I will post about my sewing course. 


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