Sewing and textiles

Late last year I decided to do a craft course. Every book I’ve read about bipolar suggests that we have creative flair. ……I definitely don’t.  I asked my mum to come a long for moral support.  So in January this year I started a crazy patchwork course in a Tuesday afternoon.

My first lesson went well but I just didn’t think I would get the hang of it……but I did within 2 weeks i started to love it and Tuesday’s couldnt come quick enough.

My first item I made was  crazy patchwork bag.


This how it started out……..


This is it finished.

Next project was a sample of a quilt. I’ve watched tutorials on YouTube fir weeks and I was really itching to get going.

This is the pieces cut…..


And this is the finished product


Next and finally was the doorstop. Fhus wsz my least favourite item to make, mainly because I have no need for a doorstop. 


We are now on the summer break and we start back early September.  I will keep you posted on the items I make.

Not sure what to post about tomorrow. I might show you what other things I’ve made to keep my mind free of anxiety.


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