Weight gain and bipolar.

Hi everyone.  I want to talk about weight gain and bipolar.  Before I was admitted to hospital four years ago I had never taken any mental health medication’s.  I was first started on olanzapine and was told that I would more than likely put weight on. Two weeks later I was started on lithium.

Now I know I’m not obese but I’m not happy with my weight. Currently at 9st 3lb…….but I’m only 5ft. I was a size 6 and now I’m a 12.

After doing some research on Internet I found that weight gain was extremely common.

So I’ve gone from a size 6 and could eat anything I wanted to a size 12 thats puts a lb on just by looking at chocolate.

Anyway less moaning and more doing. I’m going to weigh myself every month


Im going to do ten thousand steps per day


I’m walking the dog 45 minutes per day


I’m going to the gym four times a week



I now eat three meals per day.  No snacks. No chocolate. 

Is anyone else in the same position?…….is there anything else that would help?

I would love to hear from you. 


2 thoughts on “Weight gain and bipolar.

  1. Try the hairy bikers diet cook book if you haven’t got one. I simply love it, although if you are gaining weight by doing nothing differently dramatically you might want to talk to your doctors… And try the myfitnesspal app. Also a website, but it helps you put in exercise done and food eaten.


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