Wow, check your insurances

Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather (here in the UK)

A long with all my new hobbies and crafts this year and other aim was to cut back on what we spend. We don’t really over spend to much but there are certainly areas we need to cut back on. Its just small things we are doing but adding up over a year they will make a difference i.e not using tumbler dryer now only for towels and bedding.

We swapped from using the big named supermarkets and now buy unbranded food apart from beans and I do like fresh meat.

Cleaning……I never buy expensive sprays for the kitchen or bathrooms I buy  Stardrops or Zoflora ( this smells the best) and make up a solution by adding it to water and adding a spoon full over Soda Crystals. This mixture will clean all surfaces in your house.

I no longer by 99p polish I use Sainsbury’s 38p polish and its great.

I buy washing powder in bulk but I’m determined to make some gloop next time I run out of washing powder.

But the big one is to stop smoking…..

Now this is hard at the best of times let alone when your having a bad day and the bipolar anxiety kicks in. The Doctors put me on Champix (please note it is not advised to take this medication with mental health conditions). I lasted about 4 weeks on this medication. I was supposed to take it for 12 weeks but I’ve never ever had any medication that makes you so sick.  I hate being sick and it was awful. But thankfully I stopped the Champix and I’m still not smoking! Between me and my hubby we save about £450 per month.

But the thing I wanted to talk to you about today is insurance. Every year I tell myself to shop around for insurance and something always crops up and I forget…….well not this year.

We’ve been in our house 6 years next month and our current insurance company Legal & General sent my hubby the renewal paperwork along with the new price.  Now my hubby doesn’t take involved in matters like this so I took all the paperwork and started to have Google.

I’ve never used www.comparethemarket.com before but was very pleased. Super easy to fill in took only a matter of minutes and bloody hell did I get a surprise. Our existing insurance is £409.71 per years (buildings and contents insurance) the quotes from the site were way under that.  Anyway I ended up signing up to a company called Policy Experts and a quote of £137.08 and this is with more cover………..gob smacked.

Please check your renewal dates on all insurances. I do believe in having insurances for building, contents, health, redundancy, pet, life cover and boiler cover BUT you need to shop around. The lowest might not be the best so its worth taking the time to read the small print. There is normally a cooling off period too so anything you don’t like about the cover you have rights to cancel. Many companies use a 7 day cooling off so as soon as you receive your paperwork please check.


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