A little time.

I’m lucky compared to a lot of other people.  I have a loving family,  great parents, friends and a really naughty beagal.  But I still have bipolar disorder and it still plays a big part of my life.

One thing I struggle with is just to sit down and do nothing.  That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.  I keep my self busy. I keep a long list of things to do for that day. I work 25 hours per week, I clean everyday,  I cook, bake, cross stitch, quilt and sew, I go to the gym four times a week,  I walk ten thousand steps per day. But I love it.  I must admit if I’m feeling down its difficult to do a lot.

If I’m simply not doing nothing the anxiety kicks in the thoughts start and its not good. I don’t even have a bath now I only shower. ….less time to think.

Anyway we’ve had a family day out. ….even the dog. We’ve been to Dovedale which isn’t far from us about 40 minutes.  We had a picnic and then I was left on my own for an hour while they all went paddling. …..I was fine but if you look at the photos you would see why










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