I just love quilting

Hi everyone.

I’ve been quilting now for a very short time.  I’ve spoken to many quilters in this time and they are still learning after many many years so I’m still a complete novice. 

Learning this craft has five stages.

1. Choosing fabric and pattern.  Well me having bipolar and making decisions takes a long time. 




2.  Cutting out your blocks or shapes. 
This my leasy favourite. Im not very accurate.  I do use a rotary cutter and templates but I still need lots of practice at this.

3. Sewing the blocks together. Using a quarter inch seam. It’s fun watching the quilt grow.

4. Making a quilt sandwich and basting.  Choosing the backing is as important as the front in my opinion. As for wadding I use quilters dream. I use 505 spray for basting and I always works a treat.

5. Binding.  This is my favourite part and I find it really relaxing.  I don’t use bias binding I just cut 2.5 inch strips and

And this is the finished product


Its for my son’s room…hope he likes it


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