Books that don’t cost the earth

I love books but these past few months I haven’t read, I just don’t have the time.

I find books relaxing but expensive.

Hubby treated me to a basic Kindle about a year ago and I love it. I can get virtually any book I want at a fraction of the price. Its a brilliant way to carry umpteen books on your holidays or picnics or just lazing around at home. The battery life is good and doesn’t take that long to charge.


I cant use the kindle for recipe books or craft books…..its just impossible. I love looking at the pictures of what people have made. At home I have too many recipe books, about twenty I’d say and I don’t use the majority of them. so now I’ve have taken to going to the library.

Our library isn’t very big but if your looking for a book in particular they will order it and ring you when it arrives and its fairly quick.

Last week I had two books on saving money and be thrifty, this week I have two quilting books.


I’m convinced that this will save me around £200 per year instead of buying books that I will probably look at once and then it will live in a drawer.


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