Thing to do in 2013

If you have been reading my blog you will know that I have a list for everything from cleaning, crafts and work. It helps me in my day to day life to stay focused and it helps keep the anxiety down to a minimum. I also find that if I’m going through a depressive time by doing things on the list which there’s a good chance I cant be arsed to do then it perks me up.

I thought as we are over half year through 2013 that I would share my list with you and ticked off the completed ones. I’ll be honest with you I was hoping to get more completed but life has just got in the way. I warn you the list is long and in no particular order………..

Get cheaper home insurance – did last week. Saved a bloody fortune!

Make Jam – not made yet.

Make soap- would like to make for presents

Make homemade butter – made several times now.

Pay my catalogue off and never use again – got another £50 to pay

Take up cross stitch again  – really enjoyed this, just need more time.

Sort the garage out – its piled high with boxes and old toys. would like a gym in there

Learn how to quilt – Love it…..started a sewing course and I love it.

Make a roman blind … got the material but just scared to make it.

Have a go at tapestry – Did and loved it, there is a picture on my blog somewhere. will post a link

Buy or mend my kitchen lights This was completed very soon after I made this list as the lights were driving me insane.

Want to make home made dog treats – still using up shop brought treats.

Use Ebay, second hand charity shops and car boot – Yes Yes Yes all the time.

Save up and buy a kenwood Chef – off eBay!

Make a homemade facial scrub – not had chance

Try making gloop – still using shop brought powder.

Make a nice cheesecake  after many many attempts.

Apple sauce.

Mint Sauce.

Homemade Fudge.

Homemade gifts and wrapping paper.

Homemade Christmas Decorations.

Try a long stitch kit…….got one in the drawer but haven’t tried yet.

Put foil behind the radiators…will do in Autumn.

Try and get some money back on PPI – Tried and failed.

Save for sewing machine Dad helped me out I only got a cheap machine….Toyota quilt master.

New Stairs carpet.

Get a yoghurt maker   A very kind lady on www.moneysavingexpert.com sent me hers as she doesn’t use it.

Learn to cook I’ve ticked this off but its an on-going process but I am getting better.

Make some cushions for the lounge don’t like them thought.

Well that’s it.

Do you make lists? I would love to hear.



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