Not a lot of space but. ….

Since taking my new hobby on seven months ago I seem to be taking over the dining room and annoying the rest of the family.

I have now made myself a little storage space in the corner of the spare bedroom.  I would love a proper sewing table,  you know the ones that have a hole to sit your machine in but I haven’t got a spare £500.

Anyway this will have to do


And as you can see I still use the dining room


But I really wanted to show you this. I was after something to store my bobbins.  I was so annoyed that even though you leave them nice and neatly they still get in a mess so my clever hubby made me this


Im intrigued see your storage or sewing room.

…….I’ll be so jealous if you’ve got a room all for sewing and crafts.


2 thoughts on “Not a lot of space but. ….

  1. I took up exactly half our bedroom for sewing and crafts, ever since I started! Hubby is happy I finally took the spare bedroom – which is great except we don’t have anywhere for guests now. 😆 But hey, ya gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?? 😆


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