No summer holidays in this house

We are not going away this year……gutted. We normally go abroad but prices have rocketed so unfortunately we are staying home.

We have tried a couple of times to have a holiday in the uk and every time its rained and cost us a fortune.

Anyway we decided to just have a fun week in the holidays and today is the first day and we went to


Drayton Manor theme park which includes Thomas Land…..which my son is too old for now.

We had a 2 for 1 voucher so we saved £30.60.  We didn’t take a picnic with us today but we are going to for the rest of the week. 
Now I’m in two minds about Drayton Manor. If you have children young enough to enjoy Thomas The Tank Engine then you could possibly justify the cost of the tickets.  But if you have older children or teenagers I think Alton Towers is probably better.


It wasn’t to busy and queuing was minimal.


They do have a zoo and its really good and is a fantastic addition to Drayton Manor. 

We spent the morning on the rides




We went on storm force. …..never again.  I was absolutely soaked through. My knickers wers wet and my jeans were that heavy I had to hold them up. 
It didn’t matter though because just around lunch time the rumble of thunder and lightning came and halted all the rides.


The rain was off and on but the lightening kept coming.
We managed to stay to about 3pm before giving up.

We went to the zoo for ten minutes



Sorry for the rubbish photos my phone had got really wet.

Now this day out really isn’t very Frugal of me is it. But in my defence we cashed in our copper collection which came to £150…..this is to cover the week not just today.
We had a voucher.
And because it rained for more than an hour we get to go back another day for free.

All in all a good day but money wise I’m not sure I would recommend it.

Ps sorry for a really boring post.
Got some nice recipes to share with you over the next few days. 


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