What a waste

Here in the uk we waste an unbelievable amount of food.

My local council is running a campaign to cut the waste.  There giving out loads of recipe cards for using leftovers,  magnetic meal planners for your fridge (love it) and a measuring cups for pasta and rice. …..you would be gob smacked how small the portion is but ive used it and it’s a perfect portion. 

I’ve found that meal planning saves money and time.  I only plan dinner not lunches or breakfast.  I make Packed lunches for all three of us but I just yse what’s going out of date first instead of planning and the same with breakfasts. This works for us. 

I do my shopping on Thursdays or Friday’s but before I go I write a shopping list and sort out the fridge. 
I freeze what I can, save what I can and the rest goes into the compost bin. 


These are ready for the freezer.


This is our compost bin. This was here when we brought the house six years ago.  Sorry the pic is the wrong way. 

We also have a water butt.


Which is wonderful…….anything that saves water gets a thumbs up from me.


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