Rushed off my feet


My day started at 6.15am with cleaning the lounge windows,  wiping the sofa’s down,  polishing,  hanging the washing out, cleaning the toilets, hoovering down stairs,  unloading the dishwasher and making the coffee.

Wash, dressed and work for 9am. Running the office alone all day.
I love my job, I’ve been in the same job for over nine years.  Its fast paced and exciting.  Over the last four years its been incredibly hard but the last few months has seen a sharp increase. ….yes I work for an estate agent (we aren’t all bad). I take care of my vendors and buyers and as a company we get a lot of recommendations. 

Came home at 4pm…..popping into all the charity shops on the way and found two cross stitch hoops for 95p


Started to make tomorrow’s dessert.  I will share the recipe tomorrow hopefully. 


Can you guess what it is?

Then we took rowley a walk around the national forest. 



Then I came home to have some stitchy time

Then water my new gooseberry plant and herb garden



I’ve sat down for ten minutes to blog and now……. chill.


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