Change of medication. ……..hoping to stay stable!

I’ve been on lithium snd quietipine for four years. In that time I’ve been quite stable.  Ive had a few mood fluctuations but nothing I’ve needed to be in hospital for.

The weight has piled on (you might have already read all about it on my blog) but for you that don’t know I’ve been going to the gym most nights since January and had no weight loss.

So I’ve been talking to my shrink over the last few months and last week we agreed to try a different medication.

I’m slowly over a month being weaned off quietipine and put on Abilify. This is happening slowly because there’s concerns that my anxiety will shoot through the roof.  I suffer badly with anxiety. 

Is anyone else taking Abilify?
How was the side effects?

Did your moods fluctuate whilst changing medication? 

I would love to hear from you


2 thoughts on “Change of medication. ……..hoping to stay stable!

  1. Hi there
    I changed from Olanzapine to Abilify about 4 months ago and it was the best thing I have done. My appetite decreased a lot initially, then not so much later on. but I found I had more energy to exercise, and have kept a regime going well. I did get a few dizzy spells initially, and felt sick for a day, but otherwise everything was fine. I also found my libido to have returned, much to my wife’s delight. Good luck with it.


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