if I had a little bit of money

…I love my job but its not my dream job.

A Fabric shop…….need I say more. I love sewing and even more quilting. I just love fabric. We do have a fabric shop in swadlincote but its more for cushions and curtains, you couldnt really quilt with the material. But saying that I would sell all kinds of materials for all kinds of sewing.

The things is about a fabric shop is that size of premises would be important to store and display materials, it would need some space. I have seen an empty shop in town but  the LET board  went up yesterday.
Hubby however thinks that having a shop is just dead money and that the internet is the way to go. This maybe so but with fabric?……i’m not so sure. I like to feel the fabric before buying, i like to see different colours together, you couldn’t get that on the internet surely.  But then saying that I gave you the website of the fabric rehab a few days ago  http://www.fabricrehab.co.uk and I’ve ordered from them before a few times even.
Then I look at the town and I still think my hubby has a point. There is a good habadashry locally about ten minutes from here http://www.sewessential.co.uk/ I’ve used them quite a few times and have been impressed by the quality I have received but its slow waiting for the delivery but thats just me being impatient. They claim to be the largest in the uk (its not a shop but a warehouse……gutted) and they seem to have weathered the recession well……could a fabric shop do the same????
What do you think?


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