If I can, you can!


Ok, with having Bipolar my Doctor has never pushed me to stop smoking.  In fact in four years shes mentioned it once and thats it.

With anxiety being my big symptom I just reached for a fag.

However 14 weeks ago and being overdrawn at the bank, me and hubby decided it was time to stop smoking. I rang our GP who has a stop smoking service and in four days we were booked in at was given our first pack of Champix.

Anyone who is reading this with Bipolar or any other mental health condition…..Champix may cause worsening of conditions.

I only took Champix because my GP said this was never proved.

So we started taking the Champix and I immediatly started to feel sick…….the dose was upped and I started to be sick.

The GP said it would pass but after 2 weeks I couldnt take anymore.  I spoke to a different GP and he took me straight off Champix……thank god.

BUT they couldnt give me anything else because I had no nicotine in my blood for 7 days there was no point having nicotine replacement treatment so I was left cold turkey.


Im know 12 weeks without smoking, my anxiety has calmed. I feel healthier and I have more energy. I dont know what I was scared of.

If I can do it then you can!

Come and join me!


2 thoughts on “If I can, you can!

  1. well done! I gave up smoking about a year ago and have never looked back. its just one more thing to worry about. Take heart from your strength at overcoming it!


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