Rowley the wonder dog


Rowley is a 14 month old beagle. We’ve had him since he was 9 weeks old.


He is really part of the family.

We always made the decision to have one child and with Ben (8 nearly 9yrs old) we thought we would get him a companion.

BUT Ben really isnt bothered with Rowley and in fact its me that gets the most companionship out of him. When hubby is at work and Ben isnt on school holidays and Im not at work, me and Rowley work miles.

Hes so annoying tho, he

Burys everythings

Gets food everywhere

He stinks

He drags me around the woodlands for a walk

When we see other dogs he thinks he a bloody Great Dane

He snores……very loudly.

BUT I still love him.

He knows exactly my mood Im in and hes brilliant. Hes great for depression and anxiety.

This is him after hes been running in cut grass


and because he wags his tail so much he got limp tail syndrome…..bless he had it for two days.




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