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Cheesecake and folk festivals

Yesterday we took Rowley a walk around Moira Furnace its beautiful and the walks are great for dog walkers.

When we pulled up to the car park we noticed there was an event on so we nearly turned round until we noticed other dog walkers.
We intruded on a folk festival with stalls of pottery, clothes, instruments, food, beer, and lots of carved wood which I ended up coming home with this……


.isnt it great, its mango wood and I love it BUT not very frugal of me.

Anyway Ive been told I do the best cheesecake so I thought I would share.


White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

200g digestives
50g butter – I use unsalted
400g Cream cheese – i use aldi
100g caster sugar – Aldi
zest of lemon – use the juice in a cleaning spray
1 sachet of powered gelatine sprinkled over 50ml of hot water and stirred til dissolved
200g white choc – aldi 30p
200ml double cream – whipped
punnet of raspberries

blitz digestives in food processor and add to melted butter and press in to loose based cake tin about 8 inch
mix cream cheese, lemon zest and sugar
whip the cream
prepare gelatine
melt the chocolate
combine togther carefully
fold in half the raspberries
chill overnight
decorate with the rest of the raspberries



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