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The best dad in the world and the best chicken in bbq sauce

First things first…..look at this!2013-08-23 12.46.34

Dad got it off Gumtree its a Janome Memory Craft and I love it.


Chicken drumsticks in bbq sauce2013-08-23 15.51.05

6 potatoes cut into small cubes
8 drumsticks
125ml tommy ketchup
2 tablespoon of muscavado sugar
1 tablespoon of mild mustard
2 tablespoon of worcs sauce
1 clove of garlic chopped
2 onions sliced into thick rings

add potatoes to a pan of cold salted water boil and cook for 5 minutes

make deep cuts in the chicken

in a big bowl mix together rest of the ingredients including onions add chicken and mix
2013-08-23 14.53.58
drain potatoes, heat oil in a roasting tin and add potatoes fry for 2 mins, turn off heat and add chicken mixture with sauce and mix well

bake at 220c for 50 minutes …….great


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