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my list on saving and cutting back

Dont laugh its a bit anal,

1 – pre payment prescription cert……saves me about £15 per month

2- take showers not baths

3- Use the slow cooker, electricity costs are low to use this

4- shop to aldi, discount shops and pound shops, iceland and others

5-Hubby and Ben take packed lunches

6- in a morning a fill the kettle to boil and have a flask to keep the leftovers for the rest of the day, boiling kettle time afte time costs.

7-try never to throw food away

8-make bread

9-yes i squeeze my loo rolls

11- make my own cleaning stuff, never spend over £3 per month

12- cash 4 clothes for old clothes

13- ive ran out of body cream so im using the hundreds of bottles of sun cream

14- home made facials

15-keep the freezer full, costs less

16- wash clothes at 30c unless towels and bedding

17-i Never buy full priced clothes, all my clothes come from the charirty shops…..I am proud of this

18-make home made gifts

19- value toiletries

20- turn off all plugs apart form fridge/freezer

21- bulk out meals with lentils

22- make meals go further, a chicken can do three meals, gammon can do two

23- use a natinal shopping monitor

24- used approved food

25- Batch cook and freeze, freeze leftovers

26 – Meal plan….. a must

27- Cheap washing powder….just as good



use draft excluder

wear extra clothes before putting heating in

I only use tumbler dryer for towels and bedding

use candles, tea lights give off heat

close curtains early

make thermal curtains….doesnt cost much


Have you got anymore to add?

My downfall is my food budget but stay tuned because Im part of a shopping challenge and will post details tomorrow.



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