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Cheap Cleaning Solutions

2013-08-20 06.08.53

I used to spend a fortune oer month on products, well not any more.

here’s my list and rough prices

Zoflora – 99p small bottle but you only need a tiny amount mixed with water in a spray bottle, good for smelly fabrics

Stardrops – 99p lasts about 2 months. Mix with water in a spray bottle and it cleans EVERYTIHING.

Bleach – a must have 99p

disinfectant – 89p last about two months, use mopping the floor

Vinegar 45p lasts a year – spray bottle with water for windows

Bircarb – 50- – mix with talc for shake n vac

oil in the iron – just a few drops of scented oil in the iron makes good freshener

Spray bottles – loads

Micro Fibre cloths – 3 for 99p have last me a year, just keep washing them

Soda crystals 89p – lasts three months – add to washing and all cleaning solutions. Gives it a extra kick good on floors and .


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