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Bipolar in August

At the end of every month I’m going to tell you how my month has gone Bipolar wise.

First the good:

Set up a new business – So looking forward to doing something I’m passionate about.

Lost 4lbs — Yay but hard work

Changed meds –due to weight gain

Got a lovely expensive sewing machine as a present

Did my crafting, quilting, stitching and felting

Did my cleaning and lists

sorted my garage….painting the floor tomorrow ready to be made into a sewing room

Works busy…..which I love, housing market picking up at last

still stopped smoking 12 weeks now, feeling loads healthier

Generally I’ve been really busy, great or so you would of thought.

The Bad:

Insomnia kicked in again…… to watch I don’t get manic its 4am now.

Hubbys Grandad passed away to Cancer and we’ve had the funeral last week

We lost a good friend who would of been 40 tomorrow ….RIP its so tragic.  We also had the funeral last week.

I’ve been tearful at times and down right snappy.


All in all though not a bad month I’ve had a lot worse the Diazepam has had to come out a few times but so what I’m Bipolar allow me some peace. I’m hoping September will be better and no one dies on me. I’m hoping my friend Michelle has her baby early so I can meet her.




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