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Sorry I’ve not been round much

Right what have I got to tell you….so much

I’m getting a husqvarna 600e on Monday its a sewing and embroidery machine which is going to be fab…..the things I will be able to make I can’t wait.

Getting a business mentor. He’s great and really believes in me. He’s filled my head full of ideas and is helping me get a grant to open my own shop…….yippeeee. But I’m not getting my hopes up too much but I’m having to get quotes

Being to in local paper for starting a business with Bipolar


This has all happened since Thursday.  Better stay calm dont want to go manic


2 thoughts on “Sorry I’ve not been round much

  1. I hope you do well with your adventure. Your things are amazing and you have so much talent, I can’t believe that you have only been sewing for less then a year. Its taken me 58 years [I am 62] but I was sewing dolls clothes at 4,its my passion in life.
    Much love


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