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:( I’ve lost my mojo

I’ve been doing really well recently but now I’ve lost my mojo.  I’m sorry guys

I feel deflated, down and uninterested. I’ve lost interested in cleaning, cooking, sewing, quilting, cross stitch, my business the lot I’m just not interested in anything apart from my job.

My house looks a mess, there’s no food in the house, I’ve had a brand new sewing machine its hardly been used, my business is just stress and the only place I feel ok is at work.

Cpn says im fine and that everything will come back but  I’m not so sure. I’m sorry I’ve not posted much its just this sinking feeling I’m getting and normally my blog helps but this time it hasn’t, hopefully I’ll be back up to speed very soon . Please bear with me.

Do you have phases like this? Does your mojo come back?


4 thoughts on “:( I’ve lost my mojo

  1. Thanks for sharing. Nice post.

    This week, relevant to your posts about bipolar disorder (BD), I had posted some insightful info and quotes associated with bipolar disorder. These posts were well appreciated by some of the readers. So thought I should share this info with you and readers of your blog, in case you may find it informative too.

    Thanks and Best Regards.


  2. WOWWWW you sound like me!!!! I’ve just been through a major depressive phase and I think I wrote something that was almost exactly word for word what you wrote. I just lost all interest in life and I literally said that I lost my mojo. I just became disinterested in everything!! On the weekends I would walk from room to room in the house and nothing appealed to me. I am finally coming out of it. It took a lot of medication changes and I even started Hormone Replacement Therapy (I went through early menopause) but I’m finally starting to feel like a human being again. You will too! We are human and we go through cycles. You will cycle out of this. Just trust and keep walking and talking and taking care of yourself. I’ll be pulling for you!


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