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The effects of Autumn/winter

2013-10-16 13.36.58

Yes I have a mental health disorder but thank god I don’t suffer with SAD. In fact I don’t mind the dark night and mornings, the cold and the snow. It’s very pretty on the Woodlands when I take Rowley for a walk now.

My skin and hair suffer during these months, I suffer with spots and the sun dries them up in the summer months so this time of year I start to suffer again and its bloody annoying.

I’ve tried everything and I’ve found a lot of the time products make the spots worse, expensive face washes and cream are just wasted.

Then someone told me about the Naturally radiant range by Superdrug and I’ve not looked back. I have the night cream, day cream, face polish, face mask and my favourite the hot cleanser.

Now I know this isn’t frugal but these will last me 3 months and they are half price at the minute at £2.39 so it’s a bargain and it calms my skin, smells great and I feel pampered.


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