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Bipolar in October

Well as you know I’m back on quitiapine , only 200mg and I’ve seen my new shrink today and its being put up to 300mg over the next two weeks.

As you may remember I came off it completely because off weight gain and put onto abilify which I lost over a stone BUT the effects mentally weren’t great in fact I felt quite ill so I made the decision to be more stable but a stone heavier, well what can I say , yes I have put 3lbs on but im calmer, focused and enjoying life yet again


My Mum, Dad, Stepmum, Hubby, Son, Friends have been very supportive this month. I’ve had a lot on and they have helped me so much. Michelle has had her baby girl called Lily and Lucy is still pregnant (thank god…..she lost a baby not so long back).
Home life is much calmer and I’m not stressing everyone out lol.

I’m very lucky in the fact that I have two jobs that I love. Firstly my job at the Estate Agents which I’ve been doing for nine years and then my new venture of a Haberdashery Stall is going great. We have started to sell fabrics too which we already had in stock from months ago. I do believe that I have a fairy Godmother looking over me, it was fate that the shop fell through and I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have done so well if I had gone ahead with it. The people of the town have been very supportive and very kind

I have completed a baby quilt this month and have one on order, I will post pics. The craft fair went well and we have more events booked in. I’ve took two bookings for big festivals next summer and everything is looking good. I now have set aside more time for the crafts I love.

Mental Health
I have a little anxiety here and there but that what keeps you on your toes I suppose but apart from that its all good.

I’m now into the run up til Christmas …….I’m officially excited!!!!!!! I love cooking and preparing party food and having a house full…I just love entertaining


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