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My sewing is taking over the house

This house is plenty big enough for the three if us and Rowley……….until the sewing machine and fabric took over.

I have a toyota 226


Which was my first machine and for saying it was a cheap buy from argos it quite a good machine for small quilts or projects. If your planning on doing a bigger project the machine moves about with the weight.  But I still use it and enjoy using it.

Next I bought my janome memory craft


Love it love it love it. 
It sews lovely and has so many great features and over 400 stitches. This machine will last me a long time and I would definitely buy another janome.

And I have a husqvarna 600e


Ive grown to like this. It is difficult and awkward to use but once you understand it its not too bad. I’ve made some lovely gifts with it and it’s  fascinating to watch.

Storage wise well I have a huge selection of fabric which is stored all over the place.
Hubby made me a bobbin tree which ive shown you before


And all my coates and gutterman are stored in an art bin…..fantastic




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