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bipolar doesnt have to be a burden

Five years ago today I was diagnosed with Bipolar which brought our world crashing down. Not only was a big blow to me but also everyone close to me.

In five years of taking my medication every night and day and learning to cope with the awful symptoms that make up bipolar disorder.

This year has been up and down I wont lie to you.

I joined a sewing class in January which completely transformed my life. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been crafting for or how old you are if its something your good at then that’s the main thing. x

My mood still go up and down but they are less severe, the anxiety has now turned out to be not a bad thing, in fact it probably helped because to keeps me on my toes, I have coping strategies in place if it gets severe.

Depression, well its horrible at the best of times but its not been so severe this year..

If I could change one thing its the insomia…..drives me nuts.

But it’s coming to the end of the year and I’ve been having a look back through the year with my CPN and in five years this has definitely been my best.

I think people who have Bipolar are braver, stronger and more determined then we give ourselves credit for.

This year I have gone from never touching a sewing machine to having three right now. From not sewing before to making baby quilts, lap quilts and home furnishings which  have three to make that have been ordered.

From having a business idea in August to having a successful business and website that is growing at an extremely fast rate. I was turned down for a grant in August due to the shop being out of town……that turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise even though I was extremely gutted at the time.

And being in the local paper as being an inspirational person… lol.

I cant guarantee I wont be depressed again or suffer from crippling anxiety or suffer from paranoia or not sleep for a month or hallucinate but right now I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for being


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