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A little post to my blog

Hi everyone,

Its been a little while so I thought I’d post while I have ten minutes spare.

Ive been pretty stable for a while but I think thats because I’ve been that busy that I just haven’t the time to have a meltdown, I have had a few days where the anxiety has flared up.

I know that i’ll have an episode again but I just don’t want to even think about that now.

Family wise everything is OK.

Market Wise, well i’ve no longer doing the market due to opening a shop, which many of you know. Its going really well, better than I ever expected.


I thought I’d share a few pics to show you how its going.  I’m so pleased I finally stopped doubting myself and just took that step.

The shop opened its doors to the public and March the 1st this year.

I’m so chuffed with how its turned out I could pop.

Any way enough harping on 🙂









I promise to set aside an hour each week to keep you updated.

Thank you for following my blog. Xxx


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