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A productive week physically and emotionally.

OK so I had a panic attack this week which is a shame because I haven’t had one for months but I’m not reading to much in to it. It was only a mild one and only lasted about 5 minutes. I’ve been a bit emotional and tired but  I still think thats pretty good going if you look back to tweleve months ago. I did tell the Dr when I went to my aapointment on Tuesday. She has suggested that I take my meds throughout the day instead of taking them at night….I’ll give it a go but I’m not really keen to because I tried to four years ago and I just felt like a zombie. I’m going to try it on Sunday so if it does make me drousey at least I’ll have the family around me. I’ve now unpacked all of my summer clothes and packed the winter ones away…….I don’t think that was a wise decision lol 🙂



I’ve also been asked to write an article for a local paper about Mental Health Stigma which I’ve not had too much of apart from just around the time the Haberdashery opened, but these horrible people do not know me or have ever spoke to me so it doesnt bother me in the slightest. There just horrible people who mean nothing to me…..there loss 🙂 ….


On the Haberdashery front we’ve had a bloody good week. The order from America turned up. Only half on Tueday and then the rest on Thursday. The fabrics are beautiful, I’m so happy with them. So we’ve had Jelly Rolls in, FQ’s in,  FQ bundles and some stunning flannel bundles which I’ve got my eye on. All fantastic quality and georgeous. We’ve also had some very impressive cottons this week, calico and hessian. Now its time to concentrate on the yarn ordering next week. I’ve got some fab new lines planned with the yarns and a special treat for the Alpaca fans.2014-04-29 12.49.34 2014-04-29 12.51.17 2014-04-29 12.51.32 2014-04-29 12.51.53 2014-04-29 12.52.10 2014-04-29 12.52.24 2014-04-29 12.52.39 2014-04-29 12.53.01 2014-04-29 12.53.56 2014-04-29 12.59.10 2014-04-29 13.11.40

We’ve also had a super busy week with people buying ribbons and fabric for get their may poles ready. I’ve lost count how many metres of ribbon I’ve cut. Theres going to be some very pretty maypoles 🙂

We’ve had the Stitch and Bitch group on Thurday morning and a busy Crochet workshop on Saturday morning.

We also had our new flyers arrive which I’m also very pleased with.



Right I’m off, have a lovely bank holiday weekend whatever your doing.




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