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Do something that makes you happy!

After seeing my Dr today we set about doing yet another care plan apparently the other is out of date!

So what went on my care plan……..simple stuff really.

1- Have a hug a day keeps the dr away 🙂 well that can include hubby, DS, the dog or anyone in general lol

2- A hobby – making sure you for time in to what ever your into. Sewing, knitting, walking, reading, sports, train spotting, stamp collecting etc. Make sure you fit your hobby in at least once per week. This is something I stick to religiously.

3 – excercise …..well sometimes with people’s busy lifestyles and work life this can be tricky, but I walk 10,000 steps per day. I work everywhere Monday – Friday. It’s the best exercise and with weather like today it lifts your spirits too. If you don’t exercise depression can kick in quite easily and that can lead to all sorts of problems.

4- Diary dates, well we can all fill these in quick with work, appointments, school events and all manner of things. Keep a diary of your chill out times, holidays and days out instead. It doesn’t have to be lavish but just your time to have a break even if it’s a trip to the park.

5- Food….well I’d like to say I eat healthily but I’d be a lie. I don’t eat bad foods I’m just terrible at missing meals and if I do have a meal I always struggle to eat it. But that’s how I’ve always been. The mission is to stick to at least two meals per day and then we will build it up from there.

6- Sleep – I don’t think a lot of people have a really good nights sleep in fact I was only talking to a colleague yesterday about a sleep survey has been carried out. I would say going to sleep is fine at the end of a busy day, but staying asleep is always a problem. I’m ALWAYS up early whatever day it is at about 5-6am. But again that’s just me. I don’t like to lie in and I definitely never get back to sleep. It’s just my body clock and I’m happy with it……..for now.

7- THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME. A lovely quote I was told a few years ago……Be more of who you are. Everyone has there flaws, nobody is perfect. In fact I think all people at sometime in their lives have been critical about themselves. Me ….many times until a few years ago. I’ve got a huge fault wear mental health is concerned but I no longer label myself or see myself as mental instead I just see me, not perfect but just me and I like being me…….just got to accept the fact that I’ll never have big boobs lol


Well that’s my part of my care plan written it has no back up plan that’s just what I do everyday to keep the dr away 🙂  (and take the meds)  its working for now so I’ll carry on with it. I’m sure it will change somewhere along the line but that’s life and you can’t plan everything.


Please note you don’t have to suffer mental health problems to follow this plan it works for everyone’s mood.


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