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I love my blog…..:)

Firstly thank you to my followers and other bloggers who read my last post. I’ve loads of lovely messages about it and I would like to say a big thankyou to you all. It means such a lot to me 🙂

Can I just say I’ve tried to upload the photos of my new creations and the new stock that has arrived in the haberdashery but my dropbox is playing up so all my pics are on tumblr and the fb business page which is but I’ll try my best to get it sorted for my next post.

What a lovely week, the weathers been great, the shop has been busy and mood has been pretty good.  I’ve been a bit tired but you could put that down to anything really….heat, long hours or just one of those things. ( I have been getting up and going to the shop early though as I’m convinced that there’s just not enough hours in the day to get everything done)

I love the spot where the shop is, its like being somewhere abroad with weather like this. The door wide open letting the fresh air in, the town is bustling and vibrant and everyone in good spirits….absolituely perfect wouldn’t you say. We had the annual transport festival yesterday so we decided to open and I’m so glad we did. We met so many new people and lot of people came from nearby towns. The atmosphere was truly amazing and the weather was perfect. All in all a great day for me being in the shop and then getting the chance to hand leaflets out and enjoying a bit of the sun. When the haberdashery closed in the afternoon we went out for a family  meal at a local restaurant and then headed back home to take Rowley for his walk. Perfect day !!

Having Bipolar certainly makes you realise about taking the good times for granted.

Crafting wise this week I’ve made a denim patchwork cushion, hessian bunting and hessian hearts and a yarn chandelier for the window display (with a little help). I’ve also managed to finish a disappearing nine patch quilt which I’m really pleased with.

You can see them all here on my tumblr account  —-



New stock in the haberdashery this week…….plenty of yarns and new patterns and a good bloody stock up. Its amazing the time we spend restocking the yarns they always sell super quick.

I had a meeting with my fabric rep David who is just fabulous and we’ve got lots and lots of gorgeous and perfect fabrics arriving but I have to wait a couple of weeks for them to get here 😦

Anyway I’ll stop babbling on. Thanks you to all my readers followers or not.

Have a lovely week……supposed to rain here all week from tomorrow.


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