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Feeling sorry for myself

I’ve had a wisdom that was growing through sideways taken out this week (Wednesday) and it was a horrible experience. For those of you that haven’t been following I have metal pins all round my jaw holding it together from a condition I have which I’ve grown up with. The wisdom itself didn’t hurt but it was pushing against a couple of pins so needed to be taken out. Well what an experience and one that I never want again. They had to drill the crown off and then pull the root out, two pins came out with it which is going to lead to more treatment but the worst part was the stitches afterwards which resulted in me shaking like a leaf from head to foot……I was completely awake throughout this.

The swellings isn’t to bad just looks like I’ve got a big boiled sweet in my mouth but the pain OMG. I’m not normally phased by much regarding dentists cause I’m used to seeing a consultant every three months and them putting new pins in but this hurts.

Saying that I’m managing to sleep OK thanks to Bipolar meds……thank you Quietapine xxx


But look what made me feel better,…….a present from my Dad and Step Mum … Favourite …..sheep. I haven’t named him yet or it could be a she 🙂

2014-06-03 08.52.37


I’ve been doing some crafts as well this week. I made my first squishy fleece monster which my son loves so that now lives in his bedroom the place we like to call the “tip”.

2014-06-02 15.30.25

I’ve finished some more cushions, 2 with the scribbled daisy designs which are my favourite and 1 keep calm cushion which has been really popular.

2014-06-02 16.20.20 2014-06-03 08.53.25



I’ve also made some more Lavender bags using up scraps and a few little purses.

2014-06-03 12.20.13

One more Crochet case


2014-06-04 12.34.39


and….don’t swear at me…….yes its time to start Christmas crafting

2014-06-03 15.22.11



Another busy week in the haberdashery even though I’ve missed parts of it. We’ve had another yarn order in to restock and a few new shades in. We were also asked to supply Morrisons with the BGT final display which needed union jack ribbon which we had plenty of.


all in all a painful week but I’m still smiling ( well on one side of my face)


See you all again next week xxxx


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