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relaxing…….what is that?

Hi everyone,

Talk about a hectic couple of weeks. Its been non stop…..but never fear because I’ve decided to take a week off in August for some much-needed rest 🙂

Its been so busy the last two weeks with the haberdashery getting busier and work aswell mixed in with a couple of events……knackered.

But its been good. The haberdashery is now a dealership for Singer sewing machines ….can’t quite believe it. We’ve met so many new people and loads of people from Ashby and Derby and one lady from Nottingham. I’ve had a really nice time this week and I know I say it every week but this week has been my favourite by far. We’ve had a huge fabric order arrive and now a new till and card system which I’ve struggled to get my head round. I’m not really good with electrical items apart from sewing machines. Technology just baffles me. So when hubby decided its time to update the till and card terminal he spent days frying my brain with technical jargon so I did the best thing and nodded and agreed…..everythings arrived and set up so lets just see if I can keep calm and try to remember what does what without having a break down.


Bipolar wise…I’ve not been to bad, a bit snappy here and there and tired. I’ve been sleeping quite well but I’m finding that I’m more tired getting a full nights sleep than if I’m awake at silly hours.

Makes wise this week……not a lot really I just haven’t had much time. But I’ve managed to make a tote bag, tea cosy, topped up on the hair clips and had a go at mixing hessian with fabric to make a bag, more glasses cases. Its been a mad dash trying to make more items for the craft fairs we have coming up because I also put them in the haberdashery as for sale too. So I had completely sold out of glasses cases, phone cases and bunting…….panic stations.

So here’s a few makes….I’ve got plenty of makes on the go now its just finding the time to fit everything in……but being busy is good so I’m not going to complain.

2014-07-09 08.23.44 2014-07-09 08.23.01 2014-07-05 08.45.35 2014-07-03 12.14.59



See you soon and thanks for reading xxxxx






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