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Quite Happy in my little bubble

Hubby and me have decided I just live in my own little bubble….which is good most of the time. I surround myself with genuine and nice people and just brush the rest off. I’m a really good judge of character ( I suppose I have to be) but others behaviour really confuses me and I spend half the time thinking they should go and see my Dr. So it’s just easier for me to be in my little bubble.

But apart from wondering if other people are insane I’ve had a really nice week. The weathers been a bit irritating sunny one minute and thunderstorms the next. The shops been pretty busy again and I’ve met some lovely people. We had a few technical issues in the haberdashery but once the new till arrived everything was fine.

I’ve not much time for crafts but I managed to finish 2 bags and I made Rowley a neckerchief which he’s still deciding if he likes or not. I also started a rag rug which is really relaxing. I also had a go at making  my headbands.2014-07-15 16.01.04 2014-07-15 16.00.40 2014-07-18 10.41.12


2014-07-18 13.40.01 2014-07-14 16.39.17

We had some lovely additions to the Haberdashery aswell this week. Pretty bindings, kiddie yarns and some more shades in the seriously chunky which is always popular.

2014-07-18 15.03.58 2014-07-18 15.06.40

Anyway I’m off now for much-needed family time.

See you soon xxxxx


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