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What amazing weather……The sun has certainly got his hat on here in South Derbyshire 🙂 Lets hope it continues through the school holidays.

I have never suffered with SAD but I know a few people who do and this weather is certainly good for them, where I see it as a good excuse to get the summer skirts and dresses out of storage. I’m quite luckily that the weather has never played a part in my moods.

I love the summer, the hot weather, the summer wardrobe, walking the dog without wellies on, ice cream, paddling pools, BBQ’s and water fights, family day trips, suntan, the smell of sun cream, ice-cold pimms, salads, summer thunderstorms and longer days  BUT I also love the Autumn and winter with the cold, wet, windy and snowy weather means dark nights, fire on, pj’s and slippers, hot chocolate and horlicks,  film nights, hearty meals and delicious soups, Christmas,  scarves and wooly hats, skirts with wooly tights and boots, extra crafting time and of course the snowy scenes of the woodland.

I guess I’m easily pleased whatever the weather…….which is good as i’m in the UK 😉


So its been a good week so far apart from my creative part of my brain having a complete melt down. Do you ever get that frustrating feeling when you have loads of craft materials and you can’t think for the life of you of what you should make with it……well thats me right now. However the lovely chaps from the fabric suppliers have been in this morning and I’ve got some gorgeous new fabrics arriving this week……so excited.


Anyway this week so far….

Sunday we had a lovely day, we started off the a walk around Moira furnace and a sneaky look around the car boot sale. Then onto Derby for a spot of lunch and then onto the food and drink fair at Swarkstone.

So many stalls with local produced jams, chutney, cakes, fudge, ales, cheese, honey and a few craft fairs too.

We came away with fudge, ales, honey and I sneaked some handmade hand cream into the shopping basket whilst hubby wasn’t looking:)

20140720_131039 20140720_135203 20140720_135223


I’m having a lovely start to the week in the haberdashery too and I’ve managed to make a few things before the carnage of the holidays start.




I’ll shall talk to you again at the end of the week if I’m not run ragged with work, the shop and ben ! xx


see you soon


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