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Chilled weekend…Elvaston Castle, Derbyshire

After a ridiculously busy week we decided to chill out on Sunday. We took Rowley to one of my favourite places….Elvaston Castle in Derbyshire. Its been one of my favourites for years after spending weekends there when I was much younger. The grounds are beautiful and we can have a good explore through the forest. However the building itself has just been left and needed a serious amount spending on it to get it back it to former glory. Broken windows and poor stonework just seemed to have taken over. BUT to my surprise the workman had their scaffolding up and they seemed to be working hard…………..fingers crossed they do a fantastic job.

We had a lovely walk and Rowley is getting so much better walking on his lead.

20140727_110610 20140727_110317 20140727_105344



I’ve also had sorted this week…I’m just loving this colour for summer but I’m no doubt going to change my mind soon and go back dark.



I’ve made a couple  of bags, some phone cases. I want to get back in to quilting though soon but I have a huge list of Christmas makes to crack on with20140722_123814 20140722_155216 20140725_140732


But also this weekend I decided to relax with a lovely glass of pimms ( I don’t normally drink with Quitepine) but I thought I’d celebrate and raise a glass to having a lovely week, a lovely little family and great friends…..I’m one very lucky girl…..heres to more weeks like this….cheers



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