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Tough week

Hi everyone,

Its been a fab week in the haberdashery and I managed to get a day off to chill out but behind the scenes it been a different story.

The hallucinations stated again. At first it was ok and could cope and they were nothing to dramatic but as the week has progressed they have become stronger. I’ve has a teary couple and days with anxiety kicking in again. But the physical symptoms started yesterday with the chronic fatigue raising its head. I’ve never felt tiredness like it before. I slept longer than I have in years and woke up feeling ok, no fuzzy head, no hallucinations and no tears…..great I thought. But within a few hours everything returned 😦


So I’ve been trying to keep busy. We went for a walk round Moira furnace which had a folk festival on with  music, food and stalls. It was quite a good distraction. I’ve also been doing a bit of stitchery

2014-08-16 11.27.572014-08-16 15.52.49


and I’ve made a wall hanging2014-08-14 16.36.12


hopefully I’ll feel better soon


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