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A few days peace has been fantastic

Ok so the weather has been great this bank holiday but it’s not bothered me in the slightest.

After a busy week at the haberdashery and a week of fighting emotions I just needed a break.

I’ve been seeing or talking to the mental health team everyday for a week, it was decided that instead of just waiting to see if I was going to have a full-blown bipolar episode they were going to start me on anti d’s and up the Quietapine.

Last time they gave me anti d’s it actually caused a hypomanic episode so I’ve been a bit nervous but so far, so good.

So I’ve been trying to keep busy and this springs to mind at the minute

2014-08-25 18.17.34

AND I finished my scrappy tumbler quilt. I posted onto a quilting group on Facebook and I was overwhelmed by the response it had over 1040 likes, so I’m very proud of this quilt

2014-08-20 12.07.09

So with the weather being crappy we’ve had lots of family time and had a walk round a farmers market, forestry centre and craft fair. I’m feeling a lot calmer and relaxed ready to face another week but in true bipolar style I’m going to take each day at a time and hope I have a good week.

I would also like to say the I’m very proud of my hubby for posting on my blog. I had lots of lovely responses so thank you.

See you soon and thanks for reading xxx


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