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Postive thinking !

Its been a bumpy road the last four weeks but now I starting to feel a little bit better. This week has been a lot different, lots of positive thinking and lots of calm. Don’t get me wrong I’m not back on form as it were but I’m heading in the right direction and I’m hoping it continues.

I found that craft wise I need to do it for short bursts and then having a break when my concentration disappears and then I try again later. It seems to be working well so far.

This week a managed to finish my newest wall hanging, embroidered and quilted again because I love mixing the two……what do you think?




This time I had some new products to try in the process. Firstly a basting gun which I have never tried but always fancied a go.


This was good for small projects, I can imagine it might be quite fiddley on a large quilt and I also found it didn’t really like the wadding to thick, however I was only using a 2 oz wadding polyester wadding. Next time I think I’ll try with a cotton wadding or similar.

Next I tried binding clips…..I love these, normally I just use normal pins and I found these a lot quicker and caused no puckers and its safer 🙂



But I thought I show you my next photo. My hubby spotted this at a car boot sale at the weekend and thought it would look perfect in the Haberdashery and I think he was right. So in the window display it goes, looking perfect.  Good find !



That’s all for now but I hope you keep following. I really love to blog and I love receiving your comments. x

See you soon xxx


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