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A time to reflect…..

little old me :)
little old me 🙂

If you have seen my Blog over at Simply Needlecraft you’ll know that the business has just turned a year old.

Its been a fantastic year and a bit of a whirlwind, but so much fun.

So that’s the business for a year but that’s got me reflecting on how the year has been for me emotionally.

I have up and downs, downs and ups, stable periods and not so stable periods.

I’ve had medication changes, talking therapies, numerous blood tests and MOT’s. I think I’ve probably learnt much more about myself and bipolar over the last 12 months. Spotting early warning signs, admitting when things get too much, learning that sometimes I need help.

But I honestly think I’ll always be learning more about my illness and how to cope with life.

The sad thing about the last 12 months is that I’ve been subject to awful comments about my bipolar. I’ve never been in the situation before and I hope it doesn’t happen again soon.

All in all it’s not been mood free but I’ve pulled through the downs and calmed down from the highs, I’ve managed the anxious and intrusive thoughts, focused on looking after myself and detached myself from stigma.

My family has been a great support and treated with respect and kindness. They have helped me through the tough times and picked me up on the other side.

The haberdashery has been a god send, its kept me focused, motivated and positive.


Hope your well, happy and being true to yourself

Thanks for reading.


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