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If you had one wish, what would it be?

Hi everyone,

What a week…..

There’s been birthdays, anxiety, hallucinations, crap sleep and a busy one.

So I’ll start on the positives. Its been my sons 10th birthday this week, I just can’t believe how time flies. It’s also really sad that they grow up way too quickly. The haberdashery been extremely busy which is really positive and I’ve decided to take part in the day of a life project ( if you haven’t heard I’ll tell you about it later). But without a doubt the most positive thing to happen this week…..a lady came into the haberdashery to say thank you for my article in the local paper. At that time she had been newly diagnosed and going through a rough patch. So I’m really chuffed that the article gave at least one person a little bit of hope. Also I managed to finish my latest creation

Quilt art,
Quilt art,

So the bad, well I think a few things triggered it off and the clocks changing is one of them. My sleep just hasn’t been the same since Monday. hallucinations and anxiety flared up and many of you understand what a fuzzy head is. Don’t get me wrong I don’t feel depressed or high just fuzzy and seeing things that aren’t there 🙂

Now for my one wish. Many of you understand that a huge problem for anyone suffering from mental health issues is stigma and prejudice from quite frankly sick and small-minded people. Now I could say my wish would be to cure-all sufferers of all symtoms….however I really believe that parts of our illness makes us stronger, determined and brave. So my wish would be that people who act so horribly towards us should walk a mile in our shoes. Often the opinions of others and negativity is usually the biggest upset.

So about the day in the life project….yes i’m taking part.

It’s a year-long project over four days.

Everyone will be asked to share up to 700 words about the same four days in the year, one each season; building a library of personal stories that answer the question: what things make life with a mental health difficulty worth living and what things make it more difficult? Together the four days in the lives of people with mental health difficulties will give a snapshot of what it’s like to be a person with mental health difficulties in England in the 21st Century.

Have a look at the site, it would be great if you could take part and share your story, stigma issues, medications and therapies.

Thanks for reading ladies and gents, really appreciate it.


I’ll see you very soon.



One thought on “If you had one wish, what would it be?

  1. Your post somehow brought Winston Churchill to mind. What a life! He packed far more wild behavior, and far more failure, AND far more success into his life than most people. In the end he left government in disgrace, finished. That is, finished until World War II broke out. Every sensible person knew for a fact Britain had only one sane option: surrender. But Winston was crazy enough to take a crack at it first. The rest is history. He sounds about as bipolar as could be, he was completely untreated as far a I know, and he made it work for him. Take that, stigma! Take that.


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