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Low confidence?????

This week (well two days ago to be precise) my meds were upped again to control the hallucinations and crap mood. I must say I have slept better the last two nights.

My Dr seems to think I have a low self-esteem. I think she’s probably making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Yes I do doubt myself, I have doubts about the way I look, if I’m a good mum, if I’m a good wife, if the haberdashery looks good and I don’t think I’ve been happy with anything  I’ve made.  But that’s normal right? ….well normal for me anyway. Yes it would be nice to stand back and say ‘yes I’m, good at that’,  i’m sure it will happen one day 🙂 But in the meantime I’ll keep trying. x

Well whats happened this week.

– hubby took us a drive out to Breedon Priory, about a 15 minute drive. It’s such a lovely scenic village with a fab garden centre and antiques fair.We had a good look round and then went for coffee and cake…..and I came home with this fab pin cushion…I love it and I’m I’m busy finding it a new home for it in the Haberdashery.



Halloween……Did you all dress up. Ben did and had a fab time with his friends collecting loads of sweets and scaring the neighbours:) How times change though. When I was little my outfit was a black dustbin liner and green face paint. But they had a good time so that’s what matters.

Scary eh????
Scary eh????

I’ve been organising to this week (yes you heard it right). I’m getting prepared to start the City & Guilds Embroidery Course ….so excited. So to prepare I sorted all my threads out that I’m had lurking in various different bags and boxes.



Also this week, Hubby inspired me to do another quilt art piece. Here it is…I’m not sure if it looks ok or not, can’t quiet make my mind up (lol low confidence)



So that my week so far.


Thank you for following xxxx speak to you soon.



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