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Feeling festive, looking daft and coursework !

Ok so after my last post I decided it was time to make the effort. So I decided that,, like every Christmas the dec’s go up on the 1st December. Even though  I wasn’t feeling especially in the mood it was a ‘pull yourself together’ moment. But I had to really because Ben nagged and nagged for two hours previously. He told me he wanted to help and it wouldn’t take too long. In reality Ben helped by sitting on the sofa watching the Simpson’s and didn’t even pick a bauble up. So after 90 minutes of tinsel, lights and baubles this is how it ended up 🙂 it’s very cosy and it did kick-start my festive mood:-)

IMG_0409 IMG_0408

And after Hubby pinched my lovely minion hat and had to go and get another…gggrrrr. But I’m now ready for winter 🙂 I’m not really a hat person but it’s getting cold in the mornings walking to the shop. I know I look daft but who cares.



BUT also this week I passed my first module of my City & Guilds course 🙂  but I’ve still got another ten modules to go. I’m really enjoying it. It’s a perfect course for me to do and I can’t wait until I’m stitching a few master pieces 🙂 My 1st module was about lines and markings. I’ll share a few pages with you.

So much fun
So much fun


My next module is about colour which I’ve already started 🙂

Anyway I thought I’d just share the fact that my mood has lifted slightly AND I’ve got my Christmas cards ready I just need to write them :0 ) but least I’ve got them.


See you soon xxxxx



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