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It’s nearly Christmas guys and I thought I’d post one more time in 2014. I know its early but what with the shop, travelling to see family and of course Ben’s half term I thought it’s probably best if I post now…..

So its been a year of up and ups and downs and downs and some stability along the way. It’s definitely been a year where I’ve been quite ambitious and probably a bit head strong. I decided in February that the market wasn’t going to be enough for me, so I went shop hunting and on the 1st March Simply Needlecraft had a new home. Its been so amazing, mixed with a bit of stress. It was quite a gamble health wise to do this but I haven’t looked back yet. I’ve met so many inspirational people and I’ve made a few good friends along the way.

A new home
A new home

I’ve also started a City & Guilds this year in Design and Stitch. I’m really enjoying it. But I have to admit it was a bit spontaneous to say the least. I read about it, wanted to try, so I did. It’s really really interesting and I’m so glad I do spontaneous because otherwise I wouldn’t be pushing myself.

part of city & guilds
part of city & guilds

Family wise its been a tough year. My uncle Steven became terminally ill over the summer with heart failure and a whole load of other medical issues. He is still battling on as we speak. His good days and bad days change quicker than any rapid cycling Bipolar.  I also ditched a few people who were negative around me. Sounds a bit harsh BUT it seems to have worked well with stress levels, I only really spend time with people who make me smile 🙂

My blog has been doing well to, with nearly 12,000 hits 🙂

Not a bad year. So whats my New Years resolutions, I don’t tend to make any because when you have Bipolar you can’t really plan. However I know what I would like :-

Another year without hospital admissions

For all my friends and family to be healthy

For my shop to carry on growing

For my blog to carry on growing

and lastly to pass my City & Guilds.

I don’t know whether any of you make New Years resolutions, I’m really interested to see whats on your list xxx

I’m really chuffed you’ve been reading my blog and I hope you continue. I hope your all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year break AND I will be posting as soon as I can in the New Year.


Merry Christmas xxxxx


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