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It’s cold, it’s dull, it’s January!

Hi everyone,

My 1st post in 2015! I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year x

Our Christmas was a little quieter than usual but still enjoyable all the same and the best part was that my poorly uncle came round for Christmas tea, this probably doesn’t sound like a lot but he’s only managed to get out of the house a handful of times since he was diagnosed with heart disease and failing liver and given only a sort time to live.


My little monkey who’s big into his marvel hero’s got this  ….


Rowley had a new jumper….


and I had an extremely warm onesie

very warm
very warm

Mum always has a little get together on Boxing Day …


And I fitted in some craft time


We had a quiet New Year too (god don’t I sound boring)

Then it was January the 1st again.

My mood always dips in January I think it’s a mixture of lack of routine and January blues. Fingers crossed this will shift in the next week.

This year looks like its going to be another busy one but I’m more determined than ever to have some me time and relax a bit more. Lets just see if I stick to it 🙂

See you soon


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