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All mental health disorders are effected by triggers.

Triggers cause drops in moods, anxiety, panic attacks and in Bipolar cases they can cause a high.

Triggers can vary from social situations, life events, people, illness and a long list of other things.

I’ve always had it drilled in to me to recognise my triggers and either work round them or work towards getting rid of them.

I can remember once having to leave the cinema in the middle of the film because of feeling scared of being in there ( we were only watching despicable me). Social situations on a whole aren’t too bad for me, it really just depends who I’m with.

Life events …….well people without a mental illness can struggle with life events like funerals and family gatherings.

I’ve always been told to spot triggers and then break them down into manageable chunks and section by section work towards dealing with it.

But what happens when there’s a trigger that you can’t overcome, you can’t get away from and you can’t resolve. Well that’s where I am at the minute.

So in true Ami style it was good to get away from it all with a day out at Bakewell, a gorgeous town in Derbyshire that we have fallen in love with. a place of calmness and inspiration…

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With that in mind I started a new textile art piece. I’m really pleased with it and it was very relaxing to make.

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One thought on “Triggers

  1. I can relate to what you said about the Cinema. I work at a movie theater as a volunteer and recently I had a day where I was so anxious I could barely get through it. All I do is tear tickets for one hour and watch a movie. The anxiety is so bad I am not going to renew my two month contract there. I have Bipolar and Anxiety. It was good though I did get two months of work under my belt this year and got a reference. Just a temp setback.

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