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Bipolar Plan x

You can’t really plan anything when you have a mental health disorder because lets face it we can never tell how we are going to feel one day to the day. We can only do our best.  And if I’m being honest nothing ever goes to plan anyway.

Take the things I make for instance……I can’t follow sewing patterns, quilting patterns, knitting patterns, crochet pattern, dress making patterns …no patterns at all. I find patterns daunting. So I plan my own projects which is well and good, however….

This quilt was supposed to be made of tiny squares…..not big squares made up of strips


in this next picture the plane was to have only one large flower …….ooooopppps that went slighty off plan lol


This next picture……well this turned out completely different to what I had visualised

(null) (null)(2) (null)(1)

But do you now what, they didn’t turn out like I thought they would, I’m still pleased with them. I just went round it a different way, ( this is the reason I don’t make specific things for people, too much stress ).

But saying that I doodled a simple picture…


and I managed to keep it similar


So things can go to plan if you keep it simple. We didn’t plan to have Bipolar and we can do what others do, just in a slightly different way.







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