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Its been a while….

Hi everyone

I hope your all well and prepared for Autumn

I’ve had loads going on…..

busy haberdashery

City & Guilds still ongoing (but passed another module today 🙂 ),

and a holiday to Lanzarote.

Mix it with a bit of a mixed episode and that’s where I’m at.

The Haberdashery is growing all of the time. With workshops and classes now starting upstairs and the new fabric snug is going down a treat. I’m also lucky enough to work on my City & Guilds Machine Embroidery Course there too.

My course is going extremely well, I’m ahead of schedule and its amazing how it relaxes me and gives me something to focus on.

And yes …….we went on holiday to  Lanzorate and god did I need a break. Its was just the three of us and it’s just what we all needed….But we didn’t want to come home. It took me a couple of days in to the holiday  to wind down from everything…….Now it seems like a lifetime ago 😦

Holiday snaps
Holiday snaps

So everything has been going well and then not so well. I’ve been having a mixed episode for nearly three weeks and to be honest its a right pain in the arse. Ok one minute then my emotions wreak havoc then I’m ok again. My emotions come and go as they please leaving me tired and deflated (and feeling like I need to scream)  The dr has upped my meds so lets see if that works.

I’ve been keeping busy though and I’m still sewing but my motivation has been dwindling on that front too.

I know this is just a slight blip and it will pass soon.


Thanks for reading and I promise not to leave it so long next time.





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