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I’m very proud of my blog

Good evening everyone,

My gorgeous hubby is joining this blog post tonight.

As  many of you know (unfortunately) that mental illness not only affects the sufferer but also close family members and friends. However the family members and friends seemed to be overlooked so its important that we hear the voices and opinions of loved ones…….after all they are the ones that love us just the way we are……..anyway on with the Hubby blog 🙂


Why would someone with a mental illness speak openly about it?
It may seem like a silly question, I’m sure a lot of you understand the reasons, unfortunately, some do not.

Talking openly about personal health issues (of any type) can be embarrassing. Opening your world for all to see the dark times, the low points and the irrationality would seemingly heap more pressure on the sufferer.

I’ve witnessed occasions where it has been used as a weapon by the ignorant as a last resort when they’ve exhausted any better argument. It would be easier to be silent, keep these matters personal and not to feed the negativity that some actively seek out.
So why do some still choose to open and talk freely about these issues? Is it a badge of honour? Is it for sympathy? Is it a good way of promoting oneself and ones business? Clearly, a minutes thinking and a brief understanding of bi-polar, anxiety and societal stigma surrounding mental health would eliminate these responses.

Someone being suffocated by an episode of anxiety or depression can take solace in a couple of sentences anonymously written by somebody who was in that same place only the week before and is now seeing a small light at the end of the tunnel.
It can be gentle reminder that things will improve/Someone has been through the exact same thing and survived/ Sharing coping mechanisms and distraction strategies/Hearing someone speaking candidly allows the listener to know they are not alone.

When Ami started this blog and openly began talking about this side of her life in interviews etc, I was sceptical and dismissive to its goals.
I was wrong.
I’ve seen communication from all parts of the world that confirm reading this blog/interviews has helped them. The old cliché is apt but true; If one person somewhere can take something/anything its been a success.
The motivation for anybody blogging/speaking to break mental health stigma generally is empathy, compassion and the willingness to speak openly, forfeiting their own privacy for the possibility that one unknown person may have a slightly better day.
I’m proud of Ami for disagreeing with me and doing this. We should support and champion everybody doing similar projects. Understandably this kind of openness isn’t for everyone, but i hope as the stigma is slowly knocked down more find the courage


Thanks for reading


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